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International governance

Our Goals

Our founding goals remain as relevant today as they were in 1950: 

  • To further education in international understanding of children throughout the world, without the distinction of race, religion or politics, so that they may grow to maturity conscious of their responsibilities as human beings.
  • To develop the individual child’s potential for co-operation with others.
  • To carry out further research, contributing to this work.

Our Constitution

Our constitutional documents govern the operation of CISV International and safeguard our fundamental principles.

Annual International Meeting

Each year, the Member Associations of CISV International meet at the Annual International Meeting (AIM). In total, the meeting lasts approximately 10 days and usually involves 200-300 people. It is an intense and exciting event, a chance to meet the people we work with throughout the year, share successes and issues, gain greater understanding of the organization and enjoy the experience. Combining elements of both an Annual General Meeting and a conference, the Annual International Meeting provides opportunities to:

  • learn
  • formally receive reports and accounts
  • approve plans and budget
  • appoint trustees and committee personnel. 

Each year, the Annual International Meeting is hosted by a different CISV National Association and rotates regionally around the world. The chance to meet face-to-face, discuss, learn and share has been essential for coming to decisions that affect the entire organization.

The next AIM will be held in Brazil in August 2013. Documents are available on our official meetings page.

CISV’s International Board

The Members of CISV International are our National Associations. Each National Association selects a representative to sit and vote on the International Board for a period of three years. Each National Association’s Junior Branch, appoints a National Junior Representative. They elect two International Junior Representatives to sit as voting members of the International Board. They are elected in alternate years for a two-year term. (International Junior Branch Terms of Reference)

The CISV International Board meets once a year at CISV’s Annual International Meeting which is also our Annual General Meeting.

In addition to the National Association Representatives and the two  International Junior Representatives, there are non-voting members of the Board, who are, the International Executive Committee, the Secretary General and, Honorary Counsellors.

As the membership’s representative and highest decision-making body, the International Board supports the achievement of CISV’s Purpose by upholding the vision, mission and values of CISV and ensuring that they are reflected in the general direction of the organization. (CISV International Terms of Reference)


The Trustees of CISV International are the five members of the International Executive Committee (IEC). The IEC upholds CISV International's vision, mission and values and ensures that they are reflected in the day-to-day management and operations of the organization. They are responsible for the management and administration of CISV International on both an operational and strategic level. Read more in the  International Executive Committee's Terms of Reference.

The IEC is made up of a President, a Vice-president and three other trustees, at least one of whom should be aged below 25. They are elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting for a term of three years. Individuals may be elected for two consecutive terms in the same position. 

The process leading up to the election, held every three years, is managed by an Election Committee established as needed for that specific purpose. The Election Committee invites nominations and ensures that they are valid according to CISV International procedures. They then circulate the list of candidates among the members along with significant biographical information and the details of the candidates’ involvement in or knowledge of the CISV global activities and the organization.  

Secretary General

The Secretary General works very closely with the IEC to ensure that the operational and strategic needs of the organization are defined and met. The Secretary General is specifically responsible for the running of the CISV International Office and attends all meetings of the IEC, but is not entitled to vote.

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