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Summer 2014 volunteer staff opportunities 

Staff members and director needed

Camp program: Step Up
Chapter: CISV Victoria
Dates: July 5-27, 2014
Contact person: Alison Hastings, alison.hastings@tieronetravel.com


Age Criteria

Staff must be the correct age on the first day of the Programme (dates of programmes are not listed above due to risk management issues with safety. Please discuss dates with chapter). All staff must be at least 21 years old (some positions may require an older age staff member, however this should be discussed with chapter).  

Junior Staff positions may also be available (depending on staff requirements and filled staff positions). Junior staff must be at least 19 years old. Junior staff are not permitted in Seminar Camps. 


All staff, leaders and Junior Counsellors must receive appropriate orientation and leadership training (either through the hosting or sending country).

CISV has established guidelines and specific procedures to make our selection process as fair and as safe as possible: our Selection Guidelines for Persons with Programme Responsibility are available, along with our Guidelines on Discrimination, Selection and Behaviour. They set out, in general terms, who may be considered an appropriate candidate and what kinds of factors should/can be considered when reviewing applications.

National staff (within CISV Canada)

Individuals interested in staffing for CISV Canada should contact the chapter who is hosting the camp (please see contact information beside listed programs). The chapter will follow up with the applicant and start the application process.

With the exception of International Seminar Camp staff (who are selected by the International Seminar Camp Committee), selection of staff members is the responsibility of CISV Canada and its member chapters. Each country and chapter has an appointed representative or committee, responsible for selecting and screening all of the people who will be in contact with participants.

International staff

Selection for international staff is a collaboration between CISV Canada and the hosting country's National Association. CISV Canada's National Secretary will contact the host country's National Association to determine if the applicant is appropriate for staff. Initial contact should be between the National Secretaries, not between individual applicants and chapters. 

Application Process

  • Contact local chapter as listed above and inquire about staffing positions.
  • Complete the the application form for a staff position and complete two reference forms
  • With the assistance of the chapter, complete a criminal record check and provide it to the chapter.
  • Staff must be members of their local CISV Chapter or National Association, or join once they are selected, prior to the Programme.


CISV international has more information regarding specific programs.

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