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Brock Foster Award

CISV Canada is blessed with volunteers, phenomenal volunteers. Since 1956, individuals have volunteered countless hours, and shared enthusiasm, energy, and expertise, to grow CISV Canada into a multi-chapter national association of CISV. Volunteers, at the grassroots chapter-level of CISV Canada, are one of the most important building blocks for CISV. 

AWARD NAME: The award is named after the first national president of CISV Canada – Brock Foster.

CISV Canada began in 1957 with children from Waterloo participating in a CISV Village in Miami Country, USA. From this beginning, CISV Canada strengthened in the Waterloo Region and expanded to Ottawa and Victoria. In the mid 1960’s, Brock Foster was elected as National President, and along with five other people (John Forbes, John Ledger, Luella Bricker, Donald Groff, and Idena Bartels) submitted an application for a charter under the Canada Incorporations Act. Their application received approval and Children’s International Villages (Canada) Incorporated was formally registered with the Department of National Revenue on January 16, 1967.
In 1959, Brock Foster became the first Canadian to take a Village delegation to a Village being hosted outside of the continental USA. He remained actively involved in CISV locally, nationally, and internationally until his untimely death in 1980.  During the 1970’s, Brock was elected president of CISV International for three consecutive terms, and passed away in 1980 during his third term as International President.

In recognition of the years of substantial volunteer commitment to Waterloo County, CISV Canada, and CISV International, Brock serves as an example of the tireless volunteers who contribute time and talent on countless occasions to CISV.

AWARD RECIPIENTS: This award is solely meant to recognize the commitment and contributions of the finest of our many Chapter volunteers. Volunteering at any other level of CISV is not a requirement.

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to receive the award, an individual must have been a member in good standing of CISV for a minimum of 10 years and must have made significant and continuous volunteer contributions to his or her Chapter.

WHO CAN NOMINATE: Only Chapters of CISV Canada may nominate someone for this award.

DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: A nomination form should be sent to the National Secretary no later than August 31st each year.
The Brock Foster Award Nomination Form will contain the name of the nominee, the number of years of volunteer service to CISV, and a summary of his/her volunteer contributions to CISV, especially those at the chapter-level. Additional comments from the Chapter president or other supporters are also appropriate.

WHO TO NOMINATE: It’s a huge honor to receive The Brock Foster Award.  This is a very good time to acknowledge Chapter members who you believe have gone above and beyond. Please take the time and energy of these people and submit a nomination on their behalf. The award can be received posthumously. 

Nominations may be submitted to the National office by email at office@ca.cisv.org

SELECTION COMMITTEE: The National Executive Committee selects each year’s recipient.

AWARD PRESENTATION: The award is presented at the annual National Board Meeting. If the recipient is not present, the chapter chair (or designate) can receive the award on the recipient’s behalf.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact the National Office at office@ca.cisv.org

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