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RM Policies

CISV Canada abides by the rules and policies of CISV International.  Please see the CISV International Risk Management Community for rules and policy information. 

Additionally, as a National Association, Canada has a number of Canada-specific policies related to risk management issues. These rules help us identify standards that we believe are important to ensure the safety and well being of our participants and members. 

The RM policies can be found in Section VIII of the CISV Canada Handbook.  The Canada-specific policies are in Section 8.12: 

CISV Canada Handbook - Section VIII Risk Management
(click on link above for the CISV Canada Handbook opened to the RM section)

  • 8.12.i – Alcohol
  • 8.12.ii – Criminal Records Checks (CRCs)
  • 8.12.iii – Driving Age Restrictions
  • 8.12.iv – Youth Legal Information Form – Canada (YLIF-CAN)
  • 8.12.v – Document Retention
  • 8.12.vi – Staffing Internationally
  • 8.12.vii – Leader Database Review
  • 8.12.viii – First Aid Training
  • 8.12.ix – Minicamp Chaperones
  • 8.12.x – Interchange

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