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Request for Proposals: Resources

CISV International is seeking proposals for the creation of a new “Resources” solution. CISV has recently  created a multi-site, multi-language CMS platform based on WordPress, which our new website (due to launch at the end of February 2018) is built on. 

Within our current website, CISV offers multiple different files, documents, forms, and images for download. The creation, provisioning, and consumption of all these assets is controlled by the so-called “Resources” solution we have  today. 

The Request for Proposals below describes the features that we expect a future solution to offer. A main requirement is a seamless integration with the CISV WordPress CMS platform. Respondents are requested to provide complete and accurate information and submit proposals for a design and implementation project and subsequent maintenance contract in a manner that best meets CISV’s needs. Any enquiries should be directed to the contact given within the Request for Proposals document. 

Deadline for submission: 8 am (UK time) 31 March 2018

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