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Getting to know Youth Meeting

Youth meeting confict resolution colombia
My personal experience

In 2006, I staffed the first Youth Meeting hosted in Colombia, Titans Alive! This was an awesome program, for 16 to 18 years old, a lot of interesting young people wanting to discover about Conflict Resolution. YES! This was the theme of our camp, the backbone of the Youth Meeting. It was unique, 15 days, 15 intense days, everyday needed to have 36 hours– tons of activities to do, discussions to have, dances to dance and the most important avoiding drama in conflict resolution-.

Some of our main memories:

  • Remember the Titans (the movie) --- how do you feel?
  • The “Rasta” man: the firs day we gave a lot of materials to the guys and the result was the mascot of the camp 
  • Save tonight: Our wake up song!

In that moment, my passion for the program started, the reasons are:

  • Youth Meeting is an intense program, there is no time to loose or make mistakes. Take a risk but take it right!
  • Youth Meeting challenged my leadership skills, after being a CISV baby and being leader of 3 delegations, it was time for new experiences.
  • Working in short time and facilitate other individuals’ process was amazing!
  • I loved the individual focus of the program rather that the group development.
  • Youth Meeting is a program with tons of potential to growth and strengthens the chapters and the individuals themselves.

Since then, I’ve worked in the International Youth Meeting Committee promoting the development of the Program and helping others to understand it, developing training tools for the Program that will ensure its quality and the most important working with other YM enthusiasts. I am very happy to hear others stories about how they got in love with the program!

Ana Maria Buritica, CISV Colombia

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