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Victoria's Youth Art exhibit

Victoria's Youth Art Exhibit 1

The CISV Youth Art exhibit was a community event that took place in Victoria, British Columbia. Youth from CISV and several community organizations submitted their art work on the theme of Sustaining Peace. The art was then be displayed over the course an evening alongside short descriptions about how the art work reflected the theme.

This event was open to the public, but the emphasis was put on inviting friends and family of the youth artists and partner organizations. The event started with a short seated segment that allowed representatives from the partner organizations to speak about their experiences regarding the theme, as well as about their organizations and programs. The rest of the evening was unstructured, allowing participants to view the art, visit the tables of partner organizations, and enjoy refreshments.

Victoria's Youth Art Exhibit 2

This project addressed Victoria’s need for more opportunities for youth to work together in cross-cultural environments. It also addressed the need for more opportunities for local community organizations to interact, share skills and build partnerships. There was also a need for more events in which youth could showcase their artistic creativity and work. Luckily, in Victoria, there is a lot of interest and support for youth participating in visual arts. There is also a great deal of interest in developing strong cross-cultural awareness in our city. While there is great of interest in these issues, not many families are aware of all the organizations that work in these fields in the community. By bringing together CISV and community organizations, families had the chance to learn about other organizations, and youth had a chance to interact and learn from each other. By providing a theme and an artistic space, not only were the youth given an opportunity to showcase their work, but everyone was given a common goal and idea to promote discussion and reflection.

Victoria's Youth Art Exhibit 3
Victoria's Youth Art Exhibit 4
It is our hope that we manage to maintain and strengthen the partnerships that strated because of this event. Our chapter has already begun brainstorming about how we can do this and we will develop another Mosaic project in the new year! I would personally love to see more opportunities for community organizations and CISV to work together and to exchange ideas and skills. I imagine a future Mosaic project in which many local organizations come together to discuss issues that concern them, provide information about volunteering and learning opportunities, raise CISV's profile within the non-profit community and the rest of Victoria, and finally, build community. 
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