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The magic of being a project coordinator

The Magic of Being a Project Coordinator

Stina is a music teacher who likes to combine many things like dance, movement, drama, and all kind of music stuff. She lives in Malmö, Sweden and apart from music and CISV, she really enjoys cooking, yoga and riding her bike.

I was the project coordinator for the Mosaic project Tillsammans that took place in Malmö, Sweden. 

It was a week long day-camp for children aged 10-13 years from all over the city. Malmö is a very diverse place with people from all over the world so the idea was to cross the city's borders by using creative media like music, dance and drama.  At the end of the week, the group put on a big performance for family and friends. We had 30 kids and 13 leaders that worked together. It was magic!

As a project coordinator I had to think of everything. Together with my team we found funding, a venue, leaders, and kids. We worked with a great organisation called Tamam that works with asylum seeking kids. They brought both leaders and kids to our project, and a lot of knowledge. I learned so much as a project coordinator, most of all from the opportunity to create something from scratch. I also learned how to write project proposals, how to be a team-leader, how to work with evaluations and of course that I have the ability to make my ideas into reality. We created something we really believed was a good idea. And we were right, it was a good idea!

I’ve had big advantages when I’ve been applying for jobs; having been a project coordinator makes it quite obvious that you are capable of taking action. But also in my daily life, I think that a positive effect is that I feel very proud of the group I worked with, and of course myself. That is probably the most important thing.

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