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Sexual Healing, a project story

Sexual Healing, A Project Story

It all started as a thought about why society is the way it is and how I and everyone around me is part of it. I thought about norms around relationships, sex, sexuality and gender identity. It became a Mosaic project named Sexual Healing.
Every second Thursday a group of juniors from the chapter Båstad-Bjäre in Sweden met up to discuss the topics in different ways. We started with discussing what a norm really is and how it influences our everyday life. After that we ran an activity about the laws that are set in different countries and how they affect the norms, we read Carolina Gynning´s book Ego Girl (about her ambition to model at age 17), and more. There were so many thoughts and perspectives being raised in the group that meetings always over-ran.
By the end of spring the group started to think that they wanted to do something more, something that people outside of the group would notice and be able to take part of and that would spread the discussions that had been held in the group to the community. They decided to set up a event in the city park in Ängelholm, running an activity where people had to guess who was together with who and reading out parts of the book Ego Girl that they really liked.
With so much passion and such devotion for the project the group made the day in the city park really special.

They talked and discussed the topics with a lot of people that passed by and spread the idea of questioning our everyday life and how we’re actually thinking and acting.
It was an amazing spring and really an amazing project!
CISV Båstad-Bjäre loves Mosaic!

Linda Persson

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