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Seeding Culture in Campinas

The first Mosaic project in Campinas, Seeding Culture, was a joint project of the Campinas Chapter and NAS (Social Support Group). NAS is located in a poor neighborhood of Campinas and helps children and their families. They have a library with books for older kids, but not many for children. Brazil is deficient in reading motivation, and data about children’s education shows that while we are decreasing the number of illiterate we still have many functional illiterate (those who know how to read but don’t understand the content of it). This was another motivation for our project.

We believe that when kids are stimulated to read they increase their knowledge and develop other skills.

Our project had three stages. The first stage was social action, we had a book donation campaign, looking specifically for children’s literature. We were surprised with the Chapter motivation, we got 350 books donated! With these, we could start the second part of our project.

After classifying all donated books we started to prepare some activities with the children to motivate them to read more. The first day with the children we made a skit out of one book to create the magic of histories in their minds. Next, we read with them and they made skits of their own using different histories. That was a blast, they loved to dress themselves as princesses, animals, and all the magical characters that were in the books. During the final part of this day each child got a book as a gift to take home.

The second part of our project was about another issue that needed to be considered in the community - the environment. For this part of the project Ricardo Pellegrini, a CISV Campinas leader and environmental engineer, prepared a day of activities to teach children the importance of looking after the environment. They learned how they can do small things in their houses.

The last day was a just for fun activity with the Junior Branch of Campinas. They developed some activities for the children regarding both subjects that we approached in the previous activities. This was an important way to develop the leadership in the Junior Branch participants and was important for all the children in NAS, They really enjoyed this day. At the end of the day we provided one kit with toothbrush and paste for each child.

This was our first mosaic project. We believe it has been an example that will motivate CISV participants to use our capacity and resources to do much more in our city.

This was a breakthrough in Campinas, and we can’t wait to have more projects here.

Seeding Culture project participants: Laura Mesquita Barbosa, Ricardo Pellegrini, Lauro Araújo (Bart),Carolina Padilha, Telma Sassi, Débora Luglio, Giovana Pardo Meo, Flavia Motta, Isadora, Felipe Olschenski, Henrique Papis, Isadora Azevedo, Flavia Fenzl, Marina Dioto.

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