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Being a project coordinator: an inspiring experience

Being a Project Coordinator: What an Inspiring Experience!

Elisa is studying to become a physicist, she's been addicted to CISV since she was 11 and she loves travelling, reading and Italian ice cream!

My name is Elisa and in 2008/2009 I was senior national junior representative of the Italian Junior Branch (JB). I really wanted the JB to work on an interesting, concrete and actual theme and I thought that a Mosaic Project would be the best way to do it. So I gathered a bunch of interested JBers and we created a Mosaic Project about Human Rights.

Being national representative and project coordinator of a Mosaic Project at the same time gave me the opportunity to make my job much more professional and educational focused; there was a specific theme, goals to reach and different phases to create. Being a project coordinator gave me a lot of professional tools to improve my CISV committment in general and make my JB grow.

The project also gave me a lot of personal satisfaction. It was succesful, people were happy about it and when I asked if we should do another project the following year everybody said yes. During the Italian CISV Spring meeting we showed our results to the whole National Association and this made me and the JB very proud of our work.

So I have to say that being a project coordinator is something that gives you a lot of positive things; skills to improve the way you work inside and outside the organization, concrete results, satisfaction and a lot of inspiration!

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