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Mosaic stories

We share stories about inspiring peace education projects. It's a place to find out about current and past initiatives, learn more about Mosaic, and feel inspired to take action toward a more just and peaceful world.

  • Thoughts about mosaic story asset Thoughts about MosaicSeven people from Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and New Zeeland tells their thoughts and views about the Mosaic program. 15/03/2012 2:21pm
  • History in the making mosaic story asset History in the making: Inside the Egyptian revolutionWael Ghonim is a Google executive who helped jumpstart Egypt's democratic revolution with a Facebook page memorializing a victim of the regime's violence. 15/03/2012 12:50pm
  • Earth Hour 2012 mosaic story asset Earth Hour14/03/2012 4:00pm
  • Women economic opps mosaic story asset Women's economic opportunities around the world14/03/2012 3:52pm
  • Unicef mosaic story asset UNICEF State of the Worlds Children 2011 - AdolescentsToday's youth faces an increasingly uncertain world where climate change, rapid urbanization, the economic recession and rising unemployment pose unprecedented challenges... 14/03/2012 3:45pm
  • TED brain trust mosaic story asset TED-ED Brain Trust"Every minute, three hundred new learners are born into this world. How can TED play a role in enriching the education of these individuals? How can TED enrich the education of the billions of learners around the globe? We need your help to answer these questions. In a few weeks, TED will be launching an online forum. We're calling it the TED-ED Brain Trust. We're seeking the expertise of visionary educators, students, organizations, filmmakers & other creative professionals to guide, galvanize & ultimat 14/03/2012 3:31pm
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