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Every International Peoples Project (IPP) is different. Project themes are developed by responding to an identified need within a community, and run in partnership with a local organization.


Go Out (where can you go?)

India I Myanmar I Sweden I Portugal
Brazil I Canada I Costa Rica I Denmark I Egypt I Guatemala

Find Out (what can you learn?)

Human Rights I Conflict & Resolution I Sustainable Development I Diversity    

Help Out (what can you do?)

Construction & Agriculture I Community development & Inclusion
Arts & Media I Awareness & Education I Conservation & Environment
Health & Care I History & Heritage I Rights & Freedoms  



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Guatemala (December 2017 / January 2018) 

Living Healthy: Exploring health and nutrition in a sustainable context

Participants in this IPP will support local families interested in discovering new, healthy and sustainable ways of eating in order to improve their quality of life.  Participants will learn how to make hydroponic gardens, and harvest and cook native seeds in order to get maximum nutritional value. 

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Netherlands (December 2017 / January 2018)  Cancelled.



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Canada (July 2018) 

Housing first...the rest will follow : Moving from Homelessness to Stability

This IPP will explore what homelessness looks. Whilst helping construct affordable housing as part of a home build project, participants will learn about strategies and actions that, through community collaboration, can lead to an end to chronic and episodic homelessness. IPP participants will enrich the learning about Homelessness & Housing Stability by providing a global view.

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Brazil (July 2018) 

Zoom up : Photography, empowerment and Down Syndrome

While working with "Galera do Click", this IPP will see that art can be a powerful tool for inclusion and empowerment. Participants will learn about the art of photography, sharing this experience with people with Down Syndrome. The participants will have the opportunity to see the world through their lenses, sensibility and understand their unlimited capacity. Together, they will capture moments, people and things around São Paulo to create an exhibition of work.

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Denmark (July 2018) 

Listen and Learn : Understanding barriers to integration

This IPP will look at look at the experience of integration and help participants to develop an understanding of their role within national and international integration issues. Participants will listen to the experiences of individuals experiencing barriers to integration in Danish society. They will reflect on the different approaches to integration used globally, then together with the affected communities, develop tools that aim improve their situation.

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Costa Rica (July 2018) 

Saving Species : Education, communities, and their place in the protection of endangered species

Living in one of the many conservation areas that cover a quarter of the country, participants will take part in community activities supporting the protection of endangered species. They will learn how to manage a protection of these endangered species and consider how these often remote communities, with very limited resources, can continue to develop in a sustainable way.

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Sweden (August 2018) 

Taboo talk : Discussing sexual health, stigma and discrimination

With a focus on discrimination and sexual health, participants in this IPP will work to counteract stigma and prejudice experienced by people living with HIV. Together with the partner organizations, participants will plan an event to raise awareness and challenge attitudes.

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Egypt (December 2018 / January 2019) 

Analli cultural lighthouse : Making a traditional community sustainable

In 2016, an IPP helped build Analli Cultural Center for the island of Heisa, providing a place for community members to increase their skills, and develop and protect their culture. Whilst working to ensure the project remains sustainable, participants in this IPP will learn how the community balances between tradition and modernity.

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India (December 2018 / January 2019) 

Let's go for sports : A tool for personal development and community living

This IPP will explore how sports can be used as a tool for both individual and group development. Participants will help build or renovate a sport infrastructure for use by an underprivileged community. They will learn about the challenges faced by the community accessing sports facilities and quality educational programmes.  By taking part in activities with local children, participants will also have an opportunity to discover Indian sports and share sports from their own cultures.

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Myanmar (December 2018 / January 2019)  

Overcoming boundaries : understanding identity, breaking prejudices and community building

Participants in this IPP will learn about the different cultures existing within Myanmar and reflect on how differences can be overcome.  Organizing a camp for children from different ethnic backgrounds, participants will establish a camp in which the differences are less important than the bonds everyone can make with each other. Additionally, participants will visit and plan activities for children in a local orphanage.

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