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At first glance twenty days does not seem enough time to make a difference in someone's life, let alone positively affect another individual or group.

However, an International People’s Project is a simple effective and precise way to prove the statement false. Having the wonderful capital city of Madrid as the stage. I was joined by a group of twenty-four people, rich in culture, complementary viewpoints, enthusiasm, and a willingness to step beyond our comfort zone.

Working with intellectually challenging individuals was my experience with IPP. It had significance, personal and collective development, and transcendence. All the while enjoying and inkeeping with the unique, fantastic CISV experience.

When the quality of work exceeds in proportion the time invested, the rewards are beyond measure. As one quickly learns during an IPP, time is both essential and precious. Having realized this, the group works hard to achieve initial expectations and overcome fears; undergoing individual and group development throughout the entire process.

Having a partner organization to work with adds to the responsibility of committing to any project, in consequence creating the most impact possible. Whatever theme an IPP aims to work on has the potential to provide a source of growth at a personal level for participants of both groups. IPP offers new and experienced Doris Allen apprentices the chance to reach out to the surrounding world. As a result they have a multiplying effect on the way the organization’s core principles are spread to the rest of the world. Involving people in CISV is reason alone for this activity to become a permanent approach on how global friendship is built.

The IPP experience is meant to be continued beyond the projects official duration. Once home, motivated IPP participants explore and cultivate the theme worked on during their project. Armed with the necessary knowledge gained through experience, they perpetuate their IPP theme at a local.

Roberto E. Nuñez, Honduras

IPP Madrid, Spain, 2007

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